Diesel Trucks, Oil-Heated Homes and Childhood Asthma

Domestic airborne black carbon and exhaled nitric oxide in children in NYC (Abstract, Alexandra G Cornell, Steven N Chillrud, Robert B Mellins, Luis M Acosta, Rachel L Miller, James W Quinn, Beizhan Yan, Adnan Divjan, Omar E Olmedo, Sara Lopez-Pintado, Patrick L Kinney, Frederica P Perera, Judith S Jacobson, Inge F Goldstein, Andrew G Rundle, Matthew S Perzanowski, Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, Feb. 29, 2012)

Also discussed here:

Air Pollution from Trucks and Low-Quality Heating Oil May Explain Childhood Asthma Hot Spots (Science News, Mar. 27, 2012)

Today’s review deals with the health of children in New York City who live near diesel truck traffic. Results show up to three times greater risk for asthma and the need for further reductions in emissions from buildings burning low grade heating oil and from diesel trucks whose routes take them near homes.

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