How do Household Pets Affect Indoor Air Quality and Health?

Home Life: Factors Structuring the Bacterial Diversity Found within and between Homes(8 page pdf, Robert R. Dunn, Noah Fierer, Jessica B. Henley, Jonathan W. Leff, Holly L. Menninger, PloS One, May 22, 2013)

Also discussed here: You dirty, dirty dog: Homes with canines swarming with bacteria(Amberly McAteer,The Globe and Mail, May 23, 2013)

Today we review research aimed at indoor air quality and in particular the difference that the air quality in a house with a dog differs from one without one. Results indicate the former has many many more microbactieria and a higher health risk than the latter, including the risk of developing allergies which has long been hypothesized but not tested. On the other hand, the existence of these bacteria also seem to  a sort of immunity for children growing up in this environment that does not exist in a more pristine environment.
pets and indoor AQ

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