How Does Outdoor Air Pollution Affect the Health of your Brain?

The Outdoor Air Pollution and Brain Health Workshop (27 page pdf, Michelle L. Block, Alison Elder, Rick L. Auten, Staci D. Bilbo, Honglei Chen, Jiu-Chiuan Chen, Deborah A. Cory-Slechta, Daniel Costa, David Diaz-Sanchez, David C.Dorman, Diane Gold, Kimberly Gray, Hueiwang Anna Jeng, Joel D. Kaufman,Michael T. Kleinman, Annette Kirshner, Cindy Lawler, David S. Miller, Sri Nadadur, Beate Ritz, Erin O. Semmens, Leonardo H. Tonelli, Bellina Veronesi, Robert O. Wright, and Rosalind Wright, Neurotoxicology, Oct, 1, 2013)

Today we review the observations and conclusions from a workshop on the Impacts of Outdoor Air Pollution on Brain Health in 2012. Air pollution has been thought to have impacts on the central nervous system (CNS) resulting in brain inflammations, autism, lower IQ in children and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases among others. Many neurogenerative diseases are associated with cumulative lifetime exposure resulting in premature aging. Research is called for which evaluates whether CNS disorders follow as a result of cardiovascular diseases or are independent of them

The central nervous system (2) is a combinatio...

The central nervous system (2) is a combination of the brain (1) and the spinal cord (3). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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