Where Do You Find the Most Cancer-Causing Air Pollutants in Canada?

Identifying potential exposure reduction priorities using regional rankings based on emissions of known and suspected carcinogens to outdoor air in Canada (16 page pdf, Eleanor M. Setton, Basil Veerman, Anders Erickson, Steeve Deschenes, Roz Cheasley, Karla Poplawski, Paul A. Demers and C. Peter Keller, Environmental Health, Aug. 22, 2015)
Today we review a description of a new national inventory of hazardous air pollutants that are rated according to the exposure of the population to various carcinogens present. Results indicate that of 21 pollutants, arsenic and benzene are found at the top of the list for each province with most (73%) of the emissions coming from agriculture, construction and transportation 15% from residential wood burning and forest fires and only 6% from industrial sources. Quebec was found to have the highest contributions from arsenic.

cdn provinces ranked by hazardous polluants

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