The “Weather Penalty”:How Does It Affect the Health Impact of Air Pollution?

The impact of weather changes on air quality and health in the United States in 1994–2012 (12 page pdf, Iny Jhun, BrentACoull, Joel Schwartz, Bryan Hubbell and Petros Koutrakis, Environ. Res. Lett., Aug. 12, 2015)

Today we review research in to the ways that various weather parameters affects air quality and what this means in terms of additional deaths, as analyzed over a period of eight years in the USA. Windspeed and temperature were considered the most important. Results indicate that often a given parameter has opposite effects on the degree of air pollution- for example, warmer temperatures can both increase and reduce the production of ozone. The annual average weather penalty was estimated as 290 deaths due to O3 and 770 deaths related to PM.

o3 and pm and weather

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