Detecting Gases Cheaply Without the Need for Electrical Power

Wireless gas detection with a smartphone via rf communication (Abstract, Joseph M. Azzarelli, Katherine A. Mirica, Jens B. Ravnsbæk, and Timothy M. Swager, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Dec.8, 2014)

Also discussed here: Detecting gases wirelessly, cheaply (ScienceDaily, Dec.8, 2014)

Today we review a paper that describes the adaptation of a device or “chemiresistors” that had been used to detect chemicals in order to track the progress of new cars and pharmaceutical products during manufacture or provide an alert for explosives . The adaptation means that, without the need for electric power, it can detect gases, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, if they are present within 6 cm and then wirelessly alert a receiver such as a smartphone where the data can be captured an analysed. It makes use of the properties of the sensing metallic surface whose electrical resistance changes with exposure to specific gases. The potential of expanding their use to sensing other gases needs to be examined.

wireless sensor

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