Using a Billboard to Clean the Air

Air-purifying billboard does the work of 1,200 trees (Lakshmi Sandhana, GizMag, May 6, 2014

Also discussed here: Peru’s Innovative Air-Purifying Billboard (Courtney Mollenhauer Innovate Development, 19 May, 2014)

And here: This Billboard Sucks Pollution from the Sky and Returns Purified Air (Matt Peckham, Time, May 1, 2014)

Today we review several articles about a billboard in Lima Peru which scrubs the surrounding air and purifies 100,000 cubic meters of air each day which is equivalent to the purifying effect of 1,200 trees with the cleaner air benefits extending 5 blocks from the location of the billboard. In this case the mechanism was used to clear the air near a heavy construction site where small particulates were being injected into the air- and this example might be used for similar sites in cities elsewhere.

Climate chart for Lima, Peru

Climate chart for Lima, Peru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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