Which Approach to Urban Development reduces Air Pollution the most – Intensification or Greenspace?

Effects of Compact Urban Development on Air Pollution: Empirical Evidence from Korea (15 page pdf, Hee-Sun Cho and Mack Joong Choi, Sustainability, Sep. 5, 2014)

Today we review research aimed at finding out whether a concentration of the urban population in a city core and reducing the need for traffic emissions is the better option for improved air quality than developing urban areas with lots of greenspaces which offer a way of diluting the air pollution concentration across the urban area. The examination including looking at five major air pollutant measurements in 17 cities in Korea, as well as assessing dilution using air quality dispersion modeling. Results are inconclusive in terms of these two options. More important to improved overall air quality is finding ways to reduce individual emission sources.

urban development- korea

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