How is Urban Sprawl Linked to Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Changing Urban Form and Transport CO2 Emissions: An Empirical Analysis of Beijing, China (22 page pdf, Yunjing Wang, Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Jin Chen and Qiang Li, Sustainability, Jul. 22, 2014)
Today we review an assessment of commuting emissions for China’s capital city, Beijing which has undergone large increase in population as well as in size of its suburban areas which has contributed to a four-fold increase in emissions. The journal article attributes the increase in emissions to commuting distance and the shift toward the use of cars which in turn is related to the distance between workplace and home which is a function of urban form. Solutions to achieve sustainable transportation include planned development of housing which would shorten the commuting as well as a greater priority for metro subways over roads for cars.

commuting co2 china

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