How Does Air Pollution Affect Natural Ecosystems?

Effects of air pollution on European ecosystems- Past and future exposure of European freshwater and terrestrial habitats to acidifying and eutrophying air pollutants (42 page pdf, European Environment Agency, Jun. 30, 2014)

Also discussed here: Effects of air pollution on European ecosystems (Diego Fdez-Sevilla, Press release, European Environment Agency technical report, Jun. 30, 2014)
Today we review a report describing progress made by European countries in reducing air pollution from burning vehicle emissions and the use of agricultural fertilizers over the last decade or two, with respect to the impact it has on the natural environment which is impacted when critical thresholds or loadings are exceeded. While action on acid rain has almost eliminated the SO2 acidification impacts, eutrophication continues to be a problem in southeast-central Europe where fish and flowering plants are impacted. More than 50% of the ecological systems will still be at risk of excessive nutrient N deposition in 2020.

ecology and air pollution

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