How Does Milan, Italy Reduce Traffic Congestion and Pollution- and Win an Award for it?

City of Milan – Winner of the 2014 Transport Achievement Award (International Transport Forum, May 2014)
Also discussed here: City of Milan wins prestigious transport award (talya.enriquez, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Trasnport (SloCaT), 20 May 2014)
Today we review an award to the City of Milan for its successful implementation of a road pricing system in 2012 in its core urban area which resulted in 28% less traffic congestion, significantly less vehicle emissions (CO2 -35%, NOx -18%, PM10 -18%) as well as 10 M Euros/yr for improving alternative transportation modes, such as public transit and bike sharing. A key aspect for this project was the degree of public consultation which produced almost 80% positive support from the public for congestion charging at the onset, a much higher level than what was seen in other cities with congestion pricing schemes such as London, Stockholm and New York City.


Ecopass program aims at reducing traffic conge...

Ecopass program aims at reducing traffic congestion and pollution in the city centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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