How Can Exhaust from Air Conditioning be used More Effectively?


Image of Atlanta, Georgia, showing temperature...

Image of Atlanta, Georgia, showing temperature distribution, with hot areas appearing white (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anthropogenic Heating of the Urban Environment due to Air Conditioning (F. Salamanca, M. Georgescu, A. Mahalov, M. Moustaoui and M. Wang, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, Mar. 6, 2014)

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Use of Air Conditioners Increases Nighttime Temperatures, Escalates Demand for Air Conditioning – Experts advise turning ‘wasted heat’ into ‘useful energy’ (Newswise, May 16, 2014)

Today we review research carried out in Phoenix, Arizona to assess the impact of air conditioning on the urban heat island. Results indicate that air conditioning increases the mean air temperature by 1 deg C and that air conditioning consumes more than 50% of electricity used during extreme heat events. Instead of simply exhausting this heat into the atmosphere, the report recommends that it could be used for useful activities inside the house such as water heaters which could result in savings of at least 1200 MWh per day for the city. Continued climate warming will make this an even bigger issue affecting not only the formation of smog from ozone and excessive heat. Redirecting the exhaust heat offers the possibility of reducing electrical usage which itself is produced by the burning of carbon fuels which accelerate climate warming.

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