How does Roadside Noise Impact Health?

Road traffic noise frequency and prevalent hypertension in Taichung, Taiwan: A cross-sectional study (22 page pdf, Ta-Yuan Chang, Rob Beelen, Su-Fei Li, Tzu-I Chen, Yen-Ju Lin, Bo-Ying Bao, Chiu-Shong Liu, Environmental Health, Mat 16, 2014)

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Today we review research into the link between roadside noise and heart disease, noting that earlier studies had shown a link between heart disease and traffic-related air pollution. Results indicate that exposure to noise at different frequencies is strongly linked to hypertension, especially exposure to noise from motorcycles. These results provide further justification for municipal zoning which keeps heavy traffic at a safe distance from residences, especially for old age nursing homes where heart disease is frequently the cause for death. Steps have been taken in Halton Region in southwestern Ontario, Canada to do precisely that where major roads would be less than 30 m away from housing developments (or highways within 150 m).

roadside noise

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