How Can the UK (and other developed western countries) Reduce GHG Emissions by 80%?

Guidance – 2050 Pathways: Exploring how the UK can meet the 2050 emission reduction target using the web-based 2050 Calculator(Department of Energy & Climate Change , UK)
Also discussed here: The 2050 Pathways Calculator

And here: MY 2050 Simulation(interactive graphic slide show)
And here: 2050 Calculator: one page guides(42 page pdf, David MacKay, Chief Scientific Advisor, DECC)

And here: Win-Win Transportation Emission Reduction Strategies(18 page pdf, Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute, May 27, 2012)

Today we review a report from the UK and an energy scenario calculator. The tool, available in Excel spreadsheet format, as well as online, converts assumptions about future energy demand and supply into useful estimates of greenhouse gas emission reductions and graphs of energy demand and supply. The assumption choices are wide: the impact of adopting a small or large increase in wind, tidal or nuclear power generation, the impact of changes in housing heating and cooling, changes in transportation, aviation and shipping, etc. One additional scenario one may have looked for is the impact of pricing demand for energy in transportation such as congestion charges or dynamic pricing of parking rates, as recommend by Todd Litman in his publication noted above.

nuclear scenarios to 2050

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