How are the Germans planning to make their second largest city car-free?

Auf grünen Wegen durch die Stadt(translation from German: “On green routes through the city”, Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, City of Hamburg, Germany)
Also discussed here: Hamburg Sets Out to Become a Car-Free City in 20 Years(Ignasi Jorro, Films for Action, Feb. 12, 2014)

And here: Hamburg’s answer to climate change(Elisabeth Braw, The Guardian,  Oct. 31, 2013)

Today we review reports about plans made in Hamburg to replace many roads in the urban core with parks and greenspace linked with cycling and pedestrian paths. This addresses one of the biggest problems that many cities in the USA and Canada have in their larger cities with multi-lane freeways cutting across their centres and clogged roads leading out of the urban cores- with all of the pollution and health issues that accompanies this. In less than 20 years, Hamburg will become a city where the need to use a car is much less and the enjoyment of the city both for getting from place to place and for leisure activities is enhanced.

german green plan

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