How Can We Protect Pedestrians from Drivers?

Jaywalk This Way – For New York City pedestrians, following the law can get you killed.(Nicole Gelinas, City Journal, Jan. 24, 2014)

Also discussed here: The New York City Pedestrian Safety Study & Action Plan(New York City Department of Transportation, Aug. 2010)

Today we review a short article from New York City that looked at the counter -productive approached used there (and in most cities) of going after jaywalkers rather than drivers of private cars. Facts show that inattentive drivers and speeders are the biggest causes of crashes that kill pedestrians and older pedestrians in particular. Such measures as red light cameras, speed bumps and just keeping track of and controlling drivers in these “accidents” have brought traffic fatalities down putting New York City as the safest city in the USA (with 3.5 fatalities per 100,000 pop., compared to Chicago at 6 and Atlanta at 11) and Stockholm, Sweden (with 1.2 fatalities)  as the safest in the world- possible only with application of a wide range of efforts. Only by making streets safe for walking (and cycling) will cities shift from ones congested with traffic and air pollution to healthier ones.

pedestrians and drivers

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