Smarter Ways of Dealing with Traffic Congestion

Smarter Congestion Relief In Asian Cities – Win-Win Solutions to Urban Transport Problems(18 page pdf, Todd Litman, Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, Dec. 30, 2013)

Also discussed here: Smart Congestion Relief: Comprehensive Evaluation Of Traffic Congestion Costs and Congestion Reduction Strategies(57 page pdf, Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute,  Dec. 29, 2013

Today we review a paper that suggests a number of ways that cities- particularly large cities- can reduce or eliminate much of the congestion that hinders the urban economy and pollutes the air. Only after implementing some or all of the “smart” options such as congestion pricing, more efficient use of the roadways, dynamic parking rates etc should road expansion be considered, even though in many cities this is the one and only approach attempted with spectacular failure in the long term. An important point is made about the much more effective results from varying the price for road use or parking  according to demand rather than by a flat toll or fee which does raise revenue but has less effect on congestion.

optimum car modal share

Rural                     Small City        Large City

English: Congestion Pricing Equilibrium

English: Congestion Pricing Equilibrium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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