What Policies are Needed to Reduce GHG Emissions from Transportation?

Reducing Transportation GHG Emissions in Canada – A dialogue on a lower carbon future(16 page pdf, Public Policy Forum, Dec. 5, 2013) 

Today we review a report that looks at what ways policies can be used to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by Canada’s transportation sector which accounts for ¼ of the nation’s GHG emissions. A call for a more integrated national approach is made to replace the decentralized, fractured and, to date, largely unsuccessful effort.  Particular note is made of the municipal role in this through the urban mandate having to with planning, infrastructure and transportation in a country where more than 80% of the population live in cities.


English: Français : Une version française de c...

English: Français : Une version française de cette carte des émissions de GES par province/territoire canadien est également disponible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To see Key Quotes and Links to key reports about this post, click HERE


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