Dubai’s Efficient Approach to Road Pricing

Salik (road toll)(Wikipedia)

Also discussed here: Dubai’s Salik experiment makes a clear case for toll roads(Alice Haine, The National,  Jun. 28, 2012)

And here: Salik Official Website(Roads and Transport Authority, Government of Dubai)

And here: Salik Road Toll Dubai(Dubai FAQs Forum)

Today we review Dubai’s road toll system, called “Salik” meaning open or clear, the first road tolling system in the Middle East. Since opening in 2007, Salik has been expanded by adding more toll gates to congested roads, especially enroute to the airport. The key feature is the use of a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) affixed to the windshield which triggers a deduction of about one dollar US (or 4 AED) from a prepaid charge card each time the vehicle passes a toll gate, equipped to detect the RFIDs automatically. The results include shortening the travel time by 50% and shifting traffic to less used roads, as well as creating a source of revenue(600 AED or $200 M US approx. per year) to maintain the roads, paid for by users of the roads.



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