How Does Population Dynamics Affect the Vulnerability and Resilience of Cities to Climate Change?

The Demography of Adaptation to Climate Change(204 page pdf, Martine, George and Daniel Schensul (eds.), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), IIED and El Colegio de Mexico, Oct. 2013)

Also discussed here:

(1hr 49 min You-Tube, Woodrow Wilson Center, Oct. 2, 2013)

Today we review a comprehensive and up to date book on population trends and dynamics and how they affect the resilience and vulnerability of cities to climate change, the vulnerability of coastal cities to storms, cities in drylands to water shortages and how urbanization and sprawl combine with a lack of mobility to affect the poor, especially during severe climate events which may occur at greater frequencies. Although the focus is on urban areas in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, many of the conclusions or predictions apply equally well to highly developed countries, such as after Hurricane Katrina  where the New Orleans poor could not afford fuel to flee disaster even if they had cars. “Climate change is a spatial phenomenon” but the link with urban population vulnerability is hampered because censuses are based on administrative divisions, not environmental risk which is becoming more definable by the advent of Geographic Information Systems and satellite mapping imagery.

urban pop in africa asia la

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  1. Many cities in Europe are changing, according to a new report which points to rapid transformations in urban transport in some areas. While cycling and efficient public transport are becoming the norm in some urban areas, Europe’s transport sector is still a major contributor to excessive levels of greenhouse gases, air pollution and noise, the report says.

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