SeaPark in Seattle and Low-Cost, Dynamic Parking Rate Systems

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How Seattle Transformed Parking Without Spending a Fortune(Eric Jaffe, The Atlantic Cities,  Oct. 24, 2013)

Also discussed here: Parkopedia

And here: What Life Will Be Like in the Cities of the Future – Smart buildings, smarter schools, and a parking system that’s actually driver-friendly (Time Ideas, Oct. 19, 2013)

Today we review an article about how Seattle, Washington apply parking rates that vary with demand in a more affordable way ($1M) than the much more sophisticated $20 M system used in San Francisco. Preliminary results show improved efficiency at the use of the on-street parking spaces which have resulted in a decrease in the rates paid compared to what was charged previously. Occupancy hit the targeted 70-85% range more often during the day and night than before, only falling below 70% in the early morning hours.

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