Going from Mechanical Parking Meters to Autonomous, Digital, Self-Locating Meters

The Evolution of Municipal Parking: The march toward digital credentials(6 page pdf, Bern Grush, PayBySky,Oct. 15, 2013)

Also discussed here: PayBySky

Today we review a note by Bern Grush, a pioneer of a company in Toronto (SkyMeter) that uses GPS technology and a receiver on a vehicle’s dashboard to automatically record the time spent by that vehicle in a parking space and bill the driver’s credit card account automatically, thus eliminating all of the time and effort by city parking authorities and parking lots in manually collecting revenue. Grush outlines the progress over the years from the mechanical parking meter to the use of smart-phones to what he calls “autonomous parking meters” using self-locating and billing technology. This offers a quadrupling of  revenue for the collection authority/city and a vast improvement and ease of use by the person parking his or her car. What is holding it back?

Montreal Parking "meter" with bicycl...

Montreal Parking “meter” with bicycle lock ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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