How Much Traffic Congestion is Caused by Low priced Parking?

Is 30% of traffic actually searching for parking?(Reinventing Parking, Oct. 7, 2013)

Also discussed here: 30% of city traffic is looking for parking? How do you know?(Parking Today, Sep. 17, 2013)

And here: The High Cost of Free Parking(734 pages, Donald C. Shoup, 2005)

Today we review an analysis of traffic congestion and the portion of that which was found to be cars cruising to find a parking space.  Many quote parking  guru, Donald Shoup, who said on average that the it was 30% but pointed out that there was a range from 8 to 74% and depended on time of day as well as location and how badly the parking spaces were managed. This leaves little doubt that pricing the parking rate charged dynamically by demand is an effective way to manage a sometimes scarce resource, as demonstrated in San Francisco (SF Park).

parking and congestion

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