How Resilient Is Your City to Climate Change?

The political underpinnings of cities’ accumulated resilience to climate change(12 page pdf, David Satterthwaite, Environment & Urbanization, Sep. 2, 2013)

Today we review a look at what is needed to make a city resilient in a broad sense that includes social and political response as well as the usual approach that is aimed simply at building a stronger infrastructure. A distinction was made between high and low income countries where in the latter as many as 30 countries many people live in highly vulnerable shacks. For most cities, resilience is created from accumulated exposure to climate impacts as well as action from local government and communities. Linkage to other jurisdictions is important when the threat comes from outside local boundaries as in watershed flooding.

The "burning embers" diagram above w...

The “burning embers” diagram above was produced by the IPCC in 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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