What is the Future of Local Air Quality Management in the UK?

Review of Effectiveness of LA AQAP and Future Policy Options for LAQM(64 page pdf, Stephen Moorcroft (AQC) and Chris Dore (Aether), Air Quality Consultants Ltd, June 2013) 

Also discussed here: Review of Local Air Quality Management in England(Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, June 2013)

Today we review a two month consultation process (to end in September 2013)aimed at the future of local air quality management in the 250 cities in the UK which have agreed to Local Air Quality Management(LAQM) agreements since the enabling Act was passed in 1995 in response to concern about health impacts. A review was made of the effectiveness of the present system by interviews with 20 selected municipal authorities. The main outcome of the review was a lack of significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide, the main emission from vehicles, and without this, there is a question – especially from “non technical” people (one thinks of politicians), as opposed to those experienced in transportation – as to the effectiveness of the program to reduce health impacts. The conclusions seem to point to the need for a hybrid reduced emission-driven system that combines local hot spot management with authority-wide regulation and better communication of results to the public.

English: An Air Quality Monitoring Station abo...

English: An Air Quality Monitoring Station above the M42. This Air Quality Monitoring Station is in Shadowbrook Lane, on a bridge above the M42. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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