Achieving a Low Carbon City in China

On Track to Become a Low Carbon Future City? First Findings of the Integrated Status Quo and Trends Assessment of the Pilot City of Wuxi in China(20 page pdf,  Carmen Dienst, Clemens Schneider, Chun Xia, Mathieu Saurat, Thomas Fischer and Daniel Vallentin, Sustainability, Jul. 31, 2013)

Today we review a study that examined how the city of Wuxi intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emission intensity by 50% from a base year of 2005 to 2020. Emissions from this city of 6 million, if compared to emissions by countries world-wide, would rank as the 50th. The majority of these emissions come from the combustion of coal to generate electricity for industry and transportation and this is where the focus for lower carbon emissions are to be made. The challenge for many other modern industrialized cities world-wide is to find ways to effectively change the way that they operate from a time when carbon energy was cheap and not seen as the cause of climate change.

low carbon emissions

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