Managing Spawl to Produce Sustainable Communities

Can We Have Sustainable Transportation without Making People Drive Less or Give up Suburban Living? (Abstract, Mark Delucchi and Kenneth S. Kurani, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, Jun. 26, 2013)

Also discussed here: A Sustainable City With Cars and Low-Density Homes? It’s Possible(Eric Jaffe, The Atlantic, Jun. 28, 2013)

Today we review an article that addresses the biggest challenge to a carbon free society- sprawl, based on long commutes to widespread communities, fostered by the long era of cheap oil and gas. The proposed solution is to aim at small to mid-sized cities (under 100K) which restricts heavy polluting vehicles to the outer ring of the city and conserves the urban populated centre for low speed, less polluting modes of transportation.

low density homes

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