Protecting Cyclists on Urban Roads

Inventory of Protected Green Lanes(Green Lane Project)

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Today we review the progress being made in cities in the US and Canada of protection of cyclists on busy city roads through the addition of “protected” or “segregated” bike lanes which often separate cars from bikes by a raised curb. While Canada’s capital probably has the most and longest segregated bike parks (at 541 km, planned to increase to 2,500 km), many US cities are planning to double the number of protected lanes from the current 103 in the next year. The “Green Lane Project” provides a spreadsheet detailing the location and length of these lanes in each city which can be found by following the links above. The hoped for result would be to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by the merging of fast-moving vehicle traffic with cyclists.

seg bike path

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  1. in Amsterdam place cyclists and motorists together on roads with speed limits at or below 30 km/h (19 mph), and segregate them through bicycle lanes at higher limits. This is in a context where most of the measures prioritised by Cycle-Friendly Infrastructure (HGV restrictions, area-wide traffic calming, speed limit enforcement etc.) are already in place – see Utility cycling for more detail.

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