The Significant Role of Public Participation in Urban Sustainability Issues

Who Governs in Cities: Business Interests or Public Advocacy for Sustainability?(21 page pdf, Jeffrey M. Berry and Kent E. Portney, Sustainability, May7, 2013)

Today we review an analysis of the way that 50 cities in the USA performs in terms of economic growth and sustainability and the role of public advocacy and business groups in their governance. It concludes that economic growth is a necessary condition to allow for the inclusion of the public input in developing sustainable urban policies in cities such as Portland or Seattle. As a side note, the article points out the striking difference in the roles of public and business advocacy at the national vs the local level- and the difference this makes in how cities are governed.

sustainability curve

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  1. New Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) research released today reveals local fears about the impact of cuts on Bradford and the demand for new strategies for economic growth and employment, particularly for young people. The report also highlights that poverty and stresses between different communities are still major concerns, with people feeling let down by local and national leaders.

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