Climate Change and Urban Health in Developing Countries


Urban governance of climate change and health: A literature review(21 page pdf, Siri Bjerkreim Hellevik, Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Jan. 2013)


Also discussed here: Addressing Urban Environmental Health and Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries(Maria Prebble, New Security Beat, Wilson Center, Apr. 24, 2013


Today we review a working paper from Norway that looks at the challenges facing urban centres in developing countries during after global climate change. While many of these cities have large slums which make the issue a matter of vulnerability and poverty, the link between climate change and health with specific impacts from heat and air pollution is the overriding challenge and what sort of governance is needed is the main question.


Urban heat island profile

Urban heat island profile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. PLAN – Potentials of and Limits to Adaptation in Norway .This is an interdisciplinary social science-based research project funded by the Research Council of Norway’s NORKLIMA program. The aim of the project is to investigate the way in which individuals and communities in Norway adapt to climate change. NORADAPT focuses on how projected changes in climate interact with changes in socioeconomic and institutional conditions, and how these interactions shape vulnerability and adaptation at the local level in Norway.

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