How can Intelligent Transportation Systems Reduce Traffic Congestion?

Congestion Management in the GTHA: Balancing the Inverted Pendulum (Chapter 1)(pages 3-41, Baher Abdulhai, Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario, Apr. 2013)

Also discussed here: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Integrated Network Of Adaptive Traffic Signal Controllers (Marlin-ATSC)(44 page pdf, Samah El-Tantawy, presentation of PhD dissertation, University of Toronto, 2011)

And here: Making Traffic Smarter – An intelligent transportation system could reduce vehicle emissions in Toronto by as much as 30 per cent(John Lorinc, UofT Magazine, Spring 2013)

Today we review a report on the use of smart traffic lights to reduce waiting times at intersections by about 1/3 which in turn equates to significant reductions in greenhouse gases and toxic pollutants in urban areas. The systems use real-time learning to adjust and optimize signaling.

smart stoplights

To see Key Quotes and Links to key reports about this post, click HERE


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