Are HOT Lanes the Best Way to Introduce Congestion Pricing?

Metrolinx: HOT lanes should be used to break the ice for VMT charging(Grush Hour, Apr. 18, 2013)

Also discussed here: Politicians fear tolls will make them road kill(Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star, Apr. 19, 2013)

highway tolls

Today we review a post from Bern Grush, founder of SkyMeter, a GPS-based tolling company, analyzing the benefits of a focus on HOT [High Occupancy Toll] lanes as a first and relatively economic step toward full-scale VMT [Vehicle Miles Travelled] pricing across the Greater Toronto Area in the search for ways to reduce congestion and generate $50 B revenue for public transit over the next 20 years. Resistance by the public to increased taxes without direct and visible benefits has been a major obstacle in the US and Canada to road and congestion pricing, unlike some cities in Europe, such as London and Stockholm, where congestion pricing has been successfully implemented with public support. The introduction of GPS-based tolling lowers the overhead significantly and, as Grush points out, could allow introduction of HOT lanes across southern Ontario (and elsewhere) in the very near future.

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2 Responses

  1. The trials will last 18 months, but LTA claims it is still an early stage for development of any system. Let’s see if Singapore or Tel Aviv is the first city to introduce full distance based congestion pricing, or will it be another?

  2. Open road tolling gives toll authorities the flexibility to set variable pricing for toll services. Pricing types would include premiums or discounts based on the time of day and congestion level. Variable pricing models can be pre-established, or modified in real time, responding to existing traffic situations.

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