How Does Urban Population Growth Affect Health in China and Elsewhere?

Urbanisation and health in China (10 page pdf, Peng Gong, Song Liang, Elizabeth J Carlton, Qingwu Jiang, Jianyong Wu, Lei Wang, Justin V Remais, The Lancet, Mar. 3, 2012)

Today we review the state of the environment and health in the most quickly growing (and largest) cities in the world that have come about because of a massive shift from rural  to urban areas where migrants make up 40% of  the population. A major health threat comes from the parallel increase in industry and increase in the use of vehicles which affect outdoor air quality and is the cause of 400,000 premature deaths each year which becomes even more critical in a society that is aging faster (and is older) than the global average (by 2050, median age expected to be 50 vs 38 years). The paper under review calls for more stringent regulation of industrial and vehicle emissions.

china urban growth

china cities gdp

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2 Responses

  1. I’m puzzled by this quote:

    “Despite the speed and scale of Chinese urbanisation, the process has been distinguished by the absence of widespread proliferation of urban slums seen commonly in expanding urban areas in other developing country settings.”

    If that’s true, there is much the rest of us need to learn from the Chinese!

    • on the other hand, where some other mega cities have slums, Chinese cities seem to be impacted by industrial pollution and vehicle emissions to a greater degree than elsewhere- and that is the point of this report. The social safety net in China along with a booming economy would seem to ease the slum issue

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