What are the Health Costs of Driving a Car in the US and Canada?

Source Attribution of Health Benefits from Air Pollution Abatement in Canada and the United States: An Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis(32 page pdf, Amanda Joy Pappin and Amir Hakami, Environmental Health Perspectives, Feb. 22, 2013)

Today we review research aimed at estimating the health benefits/disbenefits as a result of subtracting/adding vehicle emissions from the state of urban air pollution (specifically NO2 and O3)  in cities in the USA and Canada. The cost ranges from $300 to $830 per vehicle per year. Part of the variability on cost is due to the interaction between NO2 and O3 and efforts to reduce one or the other pollutant in different cities with different policies, especially with regard to transportation emissions which is a major source. The highest costs/vehicle are in cities along the California coast, near Vancouver, in the Windsor-Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor and in Virginia and northeast of Texas.

aq health costs

(Estimated yearly benefits attributed to elimination of one average vehicle in a given location)

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