The Future of Urban Roads – Safe, Healthy?

Our Approach to Health and Road Safety(20 page pdf, EMBARQ)

Also discussed here: More Urbanites, More Cars: The Challenge of Urban Road Safety and Health(Claudia Adriazola and Benoit Colin, WRI Insights,  Feb. 21, 2013)

And here: What’s Next for Sustainable Transport in Cities?(EMBARQ, Jan 31, 2013)

Today we review a report from EMBARQ, a leading advocate for urban mobility, which examined the growth of vehicles in cities and what this means for the future in terms of health and road safety. Among some of the statistics presented is the link between the distance driven each year and road deaths by vehicles- the death rate per 100,000 inhabitants grows sixfold (from 5 to 30)  as the distance driven increases from 15 miles/day to 50. If ways can be found to reduce car dependence by making transit cycling and walking more attractive, there would be fewer deaths and cleaner, healthier cities.

miles driven and deaths

To see Key Quotes and Links to key reports about this post, click HERE


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