Measuring Urban Pollution with a Mobile Air Quality Van

Elucidating multipollutant exposure across a complex metropolitan area by systematic deployment of a mobile laboratory(43 page pdf, I. Levy, C. Mihele, G. Lu, J. Narayan, N. Hilker, and J. R. Brook, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., Dec.7, 2012)

Today we review a description of one of the world’s leading mobile labs taking measurements of air quality in the large city of Montreal where vehicle emissions is among the leading pollution sources in addition to industrial sources and the heating of buildings in winter.  The validity of a few regional ambient air quality stations to describe the state of the air across this city (and one imagines in many other cities) was challenged by differences of 200-300% between the ambient measurements and those taken with the mobile lab in and near traffic. The importance of using monitors such as this for assessing health impacts near roads is clear.

mobile van

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