Is it Time for Congestion Pricing in Canada’s Capital?

EAC Congestion Pricing Discussion Paper(17 pages, Environmental Advisory Committee, City of Ottawa, May 10, 2010)

Today we review a discussion paper coauthored by the Chair of the City of Ottawa’s former Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), Patrick Quealey, and Bill Pugsley, the EAC lead on Air Quality-Health issues. The health cost burden borne by the public from vehicle emissions, combined with the economic cost of delays due to congestion, especially in the urban core, demands an examination of options to reduce these costs. Over the last decade, other cities such as London, Stockholm and Singapore have addressed both economic and environmental impacts by implementing a congestion charge with highly successful results. The City of Ottawa, as the nation’s capital, has a complex governance structure when it comes to roads with three different levels of government involved, making a cross-city tolling system difficult even if this might be most effective. But this does not rule out application to roads under the City’s mandate, such as the urban core. The paper’s aim was to spark a discussion of options to consider. In 2012, City Council decided to disband many of its Advisory Committees including the EAC, but the congestion issue and its health and economic impacts have not gone away. Indeed the growing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the major role played by transportation, as a contributor, puts the focus back on this topic.

Ottawa Canada June 2010 — Nepean Point Views  2

Ottawa Canada June 2010 — Nepean Point Views 2 (Photo credit: dugspr — Home for Good)

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