Climate Action Plan for a Mountain Valley City – Kelowna

Community Climate Action Plan(70 page pdf, City of Kelowna, May 2012)

Also discussed here: Kelowna & Climate Action(City of Kelowna)

And here: Kelowna’s Community Climate Action Plan Summary of Actions (2012 – 2020)

Today we review a climate action plan valid from 2012 to 2020, approved by the City of Kelowna, British Columbia in 2012 and aimed at a 33% reduction of greenhouse gases for the community (the entire city), going beyond the climate plans of many other cities which deal mainly with “corporate” emissions (municipal vehicles and buildings). Kelowna is a small city, located in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada. Over 2/3’s of the greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles which might be explained by the low population density and large geographical area of the city (it is the same size as Ottawa with ¼ the population) and the highest per capita car ownership of any Canadian city. No surprise then that the main target for reduced emissions is reducing the amount of travelling by car, “right-sizing” (downsizing) the type of car and boosting alternative modes of transportation, as well as managing parking rates and unnecessary idling. It is heartening to see that over 90% of the population support the 20% proposed reduction of vehicle miles driven. Other reductions are proposed for buildings, waste management and land use planning.

kelowna ghg sources

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