Sweden Implements Congestion Charging (again) in Gothenburg

Sweden’s second city introduces road toll to cut traffic(the New Age, Dec. 30, 2012)

Also discussed here: Snabbt resultat av trängselskatt i Göteborg (translated from Swedish: Quick results of the congestion charge in Gothenburg)(Swedish Transport Agency)
And here: Betalstationernas placering i Göteborg (translated from Swedish: Pay stations located in Gothenburg)(Swedish Transport Agency)
Sweden again shows world leadership and and their leaders, political courage, in reducing carbon emissions (to become carbon neutral within a decade) both nationally and municipally in transportation, through congestion charging, building on the success seen in its largest city, Stockholm. After  only one day, traffic flow (and emissions) was down 25% compared to recent years, indicating how efficient this approach is compared to the miniscule, incremental emission reductions  resulting of tailpipe technology improvements used by governments in the US and Canada to reduce vehicle pollution . Overhead cameras register the vehicles crossing the city limit boundary and bill the drivers automatically in a system similar to the one used for Canada’s toll highway 407, near Toronto.

Detaljerad karta för tryck 20121101 (visning)
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