Can We Mitigate Climate Change in Short-Term without Nuclear Energy?

Is nuclear power necessary for solving climate change?(Guardian, Dec. 21, 2012)

Also discussed here: Costs of low-carbon generation technologies(161 page pdf, Committee on Climate Change, May 2012)

And here: Global Energy Assessment – Toward a Sustainable Future(118 page pdf, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 2012)

And here: Kyoto Protocol(Wikipedia)

Today we review a call to look at the best options to replace carbon fuels with a non-carbon energy source in time to have any realistic effect in terms of stabilizing what many see as run-away climate change. This topic has been discussed at the highest levels in recent years, notably at the 18 conferences of the parties (COPs) held since 1997 as part of the Kyoto Protocol under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Despite this, global energy consumption continues to increase at 2% per year along with the carbon emissions that destabilize the atmosphere which has already led to more frequent extreme climatic events. Can we afford to scale back on nuclear? Will the yet unproven Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) prove to be viable? Will solar and wind energy ever be economical? Answers are needed.

nuclear energy

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