Developing an Environmentally Healthy Urban Oasis from a Racetrack

Environment and Heart Disease – Heart and the city(68 page pdf, François Reeves, Hippodrome project conference, Montreal, Dec. 11, 2012)

Also discussed here : Le Projet hippodrome priorisera la santé des résidants(Camille Laurin-Desjardins, Journal Metro, Dec. 11, 2012)

And here : Forum d’experts sur la mise en valeur du secteur de l’hippodrome – L’aménagement urbain : un déterminant de la santé et du bien-être collectif et individuel

[Expert Forum on development sector racecourse – Urban planning: a determinant of health and well-being collectively and individually](Ville de Montreal,  Dec. 11, 2012)

Today we review a conference in Montreal aimed at developing a former racecourse (the “Hippodrome”)  in the urban core into an area that promotes the environment and a healthy life for its residents. Above all, this would promote active forms of transportation and lots of trees with a canopy objective of at least 25%. The keynote address by Francois Reeves analyzed the historical link between the growth of heart disease and the industrial era and urban living which gave rise to the very high cardiovascular mortality rates there. He suggests that with a healthier diet and reduction of air pollutants, Montreal could reduce the incidence of cardiac disease by 25 to 75%.

urban heart

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