How Does Outside Air Pollution Affect Indoor Air Pollution?

Guide: Indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution (Photo credit: SEDACMaps)

(4 page pdf, Simon Birkett, Clean Air London, Sep. 19, 2012)

Also discussed here: WHO guidelines for indoor air quality: selected pollutants(484 page pdf, World Health Organization, 2010)

And here: Amendment No. 38 to the Regional Plan (2006)(Official Plan for the Halton Planning Area, Regional Municipality of Halton, Dec. 16, 2009)

Today we review a call for action to the London Assembly (or city council) to improve the level of air quality found indoors where people live and breathe most of the time. While many believe that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is caused by moulds and volatile gases emitted by furniture and curtains, there is recent evidence that outdoor pollutants such as particulate matter emitted by vehicles can be responsible for up to half the pollution found indoors. Part of the solution is to install very fine filters. Another solution, being pursued in Canada, is to require developers to build homes for the vulnerable populations of children and the elderly at least 30 m away from major roads or 150 m from highways (or provide air quality evidence that it is safe)- as municipal authorities in Halton Region have done recently.

To see Key Quotes and Links to key reports abut this post, click HERE


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