How is Ontario Doing on Climate Change?

A Question of Commitment – Review of the Ontario Government’s Climate Change Action Plan Results(88 page pdf,  Environmental Commissioner of Ontario,  Dec. 4, 2012)

Today we review the annual report from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) to the provincial legislature. The 2012 report questions the government’s commitment to meet the goals it proposed in 2007, after assessing progress to date toward those goals. It is unfortunate that the role of cities which make up by far the greatest population of Ontario– the two largest cities, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the City of Ottawa make up over 50% of the total.  Most of the increased emissions in the transportation sector, a key emissions component, come from road traffic, an area where cities have most mandate and ability to control – with cooperation from the province. Road pricing comes to mind and here the ECO is only thinking of improved public transit without looking at revenue and air quality benefits.

English: GHG emission per capita in metric ton...

English: GHG emission per capita in metric tons per person for each country in 2005. Data is from the CAIT 8.0 dataset. CO2 equivalent emissions from land use change and emissions of CO2,CH4,N2O,PFC,HFC, and SF6 are included. Bunker fuel (aka ships) is not. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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