Is it Time for Traffic Lights at Intersections to Go?

Traffic lights giving way to roundabouts(The Local, Mar. 11, 2011)

Also discussed here: The long wait at the many unnecessary traffic lights in Germany may soon be over(World Streets, Nov. 15, 2012)

And here: Roundabouts & Emissions- Monmouth County, New Jersey(16 slide PowerPoint)

And here: Modern Roundabouts, Global Warming, and Emissions Reductions: Status of Research, and Opportunities for North America (16 page Word document, Tony Redington, New Hampshire Office of Environmental Protection)

And here: Comparing costs of roundabouts and traffic signals(travis baker, Road Warrior,  Sep. 25, 2012)

And here: Roundabouts – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)(Wisconsin Department of Transportation)

More and more evidence shows that when an intersection with traffic signals is replaced with a modern roundabout, vehicle emissions drop and safety for both pedestrians and those in vehicles increase significantly. Today we review news from Germany that a country-wide switch is being considered along with some modeling assessments from Vermont in the USA that indicate that roundabouts could play a critical and inexpensive role in meeting greenhouse gas targets (assuming that the national government ever adopt stringent ones). On sheer economics, there is no contest. Roundabouts have an initial installation cost less than that for traffic lights (roughly $250 K) and an ongoing operational cost that is almost negligible (the cost of electricity alone is approximately $1,000/year for traffic lights at each intersection).

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