Monitoring and Mapping Roadside Emissions in London

Air Pollution Monitoring and Mining Based on Sensor Grid in London (23 page pdf, Yajie Ma, Mark Richards, Moustafa Ghanem, Yike Guo and John Hassard, Sensors, Jun1. 2008)

Also discussed here: (8.5 min video, Institute of Physics, Imperial College London, Mar. 16, 2012)

And here:  A Wireless Sensor Network Air Pollution Monitoring System – arXiv (Kavi K. Khedo, Rajiv Perseedoss and Avinash Mungur, International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks, May 2010)

Today we review research from London, UK,  aimed at monitoring vehicle emissions using a relatively low cost approach that makes use of the spectral discrimination of absorption of UV wavelength by various pollutants to estimate roadside pollution levels. This type of instrument (named “GUSTO”) may be combined in a network to produce pollution maps that show how and where high and low levels are produced during the day- and how these in turn may affect health of vulnerable populations such as at schools.

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