How Do Trees in Cities Affect Mortality?

Urban nature: Human psychological and community health(22 page pdf, Matsuoka, R. & Sullivan, W.C., In Douglas, I. & Goode, D., Houck, M., & Wang, R. (Eds), The Routledge handbook of urban ecology, 2011)

Also discussed here: Trees Are a Matter of Life and Death(The Dirt, American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA),  Nov. 1, 2012)

Some people link the presence of trees in cities with improved health because they assume a positive link with reducing high air pollution levels- which others find questionable, citing research  that coniferous trees   near traffic emit hazardous pollutants. Today we review an article that points to more substantive evidence that urban forests and parks reduce mortality especially among lower income groups because of beneficial social impacts lowering stress and reducing crime.

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