Where are the Worst Hazardous Waste Sites in the World?

The World’s Worst Pollution Problems: Assessing Health Risks at Hazardous Waste Sites(52 page pdf, Blacksmith Institute, Oct. 23, 2012)

Also discussed here: Pollution as harmful as malaria, TB in developing world – study(Jonathan Allen, AlertNet, Oct. 23, 2012)

Today we review a report that assesses the state of toxic waste sites around the world and how much waste from ten industries affect human health and mortality- excluding the contributions from urban emissions from traffic and poor sanitation but including the impact of landfills and such items as electronic waste. The results, in terms of years of healthy life lost, indicate that these sources of pollution have a similar impact (17M) as malaria (14M), tuberculosis(25M) or HIV (29M) in the 49 countries examined.

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