Time to Outlaw Cars with Drivers?

Look, no hands (The Economist, Sep. 1, 2012)

Also discussed here: Kiss your bus goodbye(Bern Grush, Traffic Technology International, Aug/Sep 2012)

And here: This week in self-driving cars  (Grush Hour, Aug. 2, 2012)

And here: Robot Taxis(Pollution Free Cities, Feb. 2, 2011)

Today we review an article in the Economist which looks at the progress and potential of driverless cars which remove the human element responsible for 90% of traffic accidents and, among other things, much of the congestion and resulting air pollution that afflicts many cities today.  Earlier we had looked at one person robot taxis being developed at MIT.  Google’s Street View program has been using driverless cars operationally for some time in various cities in the USA and Canada with zero accidents. The benefits both economic and environmental , not to speak of the design of cities with a higher quality of life so outweigh the costs of developing a production model that one day the law may even outlaw manually driven cars!

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2 Responses

  1. with artificial intelligence software that combines input from video cameras inside the car, a LIDAR sensor on top of the vehicle, radar sensors on the front of the vehicle and a position sensor attached to one of the rear wheels that helps locate the car’s position on the map. In 2009, Google obtained 3,500 miles of Street View images from driverless cars with minor human intervention.

  2. The easiest possible implentation of a driverless sytem at the South Alabama would be to replace the existing JagTran with a driverless bus system similar to Heathrow Airport. “A fleet of 18 battery powered, driverless cars will transport passengers around Heathrow airport in the first commercial Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system in the world. The cars can carry up to four passengers and their luggage” (holidayextras.co.uk).

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