Evaporating Traffic

Disappearing traffic? The story so far(10 page pdf, S. Cairns, S. Atkins and P.Goodwin, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Municipal Engineer 151, March 2002)

Also discussed here: Traffic Evaporation(One Street Blog, Resources for Increasing Cycling)

And here: Reclaiming city streets for people – Chaos or quality of life?(52 page pdf, European Commission,

And here: Braess’s paradox(Wikipedia)

In past reviews, we have looked at how congestion pricing reduces both congestion and improves air quality in the urban core. Today we  examine another approach, widely used in Europe over the last 20-30 years, which combines the removal of road capacity and adding pedestrian areas to the space freed up. The results from 70 case studies in European cities and New York City point to the many improvements and reduced congestion with examples from the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium and other countries. Vehicle emissions in downtown areas decreased by 15-30% one year after road removals.

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  1. Congestion pricing seeks to reduce traffic by increasing the cost of driving into the most popular and overcrowded areas. A number of cities across the globe, including Singapore, the pioneer, and London, have adopted congestion pricing, but the idea has never been tried in the United States.

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