How Much Do Pine Trees Pollute?

Aging of biogenic secondary organic aerosol via gas-phase OH radical reactions(Abstract, Neil M. Donahuea, Kaytlin M. Henry, Thomas F. Mentel, Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Christian Spindler, Birger Bohn, Theo Brauers, Hans P. Dorn, Hendrik Fuchs, Ralf Tillmann, Andreas Wahner, Harald Saathoff, Karl-Heinz Naumann, Ottmar Möhler, Thomas Leisner, Lars Müller, Marc-Christopher Reinnig, Thorsten Hoffmann, Kent Salo, Mattias Hallquist, Mia Frosch, Merete Bilde, Torsten Tritscher, Peter Barmet, Arnaud P. Praplan, Peter F. DeCarlo, Josef Dommen, Andre S.H. Prévôt, and Urs Baltensperger, Jul. 4, 2012)

Also discussed here: Pine Trees One of Biggest Contributors to Air Pollution: Pine Gases Chemically Transformed by Free Radicals (ScienceDaily, Aug. 9, 2012)

Today we review research that established a link between the aerosols or tiny particles that are emitted by a  number of sources both natural and man-made and the chemical process with the pollutant, alpha-pinene, released by pine trees. The result is three times more particulates than what was originally emitted – and three times the health impact on humans.

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